idrk: mass shooting generation

idrk: mass shooting generation


We Can

Aleia Hayes

My video uses newscasts, glitches, screen recording and the media to show my views on what it is like for younger people to advocate for what we think is right, especially when it comes to gun violence, and how news about violence and politics can impact us and our future.



Dana Black

Gun laws have become a hot issue in current media. How can we change America for the better and protect our children? Now the victims of these horrific crimes are standing up and calling themselves the “mass shooting generation.”


Remember (1 & 2)

April Smith

Remember shows two perspectives on gun violence in schools. The videos are displayed on two laptops on a school desk in order to replicate a classroom setting. The first video shows a student going through normal school life, doing work, going to class, and walking home. In school, there are audio clips of school shooting news reports, but when the student is home, it’s silent and not a concern. The second video shows the aftermath of gun violence, empty classrooms and no students, while audio of the names of shooting victims is played. The news reporter reading the names keeps repeating the phrase “We will remember” but the message isn’t sincere, we don’t remember. The names of the victims overlap and cloud the idea of remembrance that is brought up again and again.

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