Untitled Memory 2

Untitled Memory 2


by Haylee Anne

"Into the Wilderness" is a series of spiritual journeys that asks: who do we seek to be, and how are we going to get there? The travelers within my images are given the freedom to process change and memory, and ultimately embody a dynamic conversation between self and environment. 

Images are Unique instax polaroids, framed, 2018.

Haylee Anne creates images centered on ethereal, visceral memory. A BFA graduate from Montclair State University, her images have shown in venues such as the Center for Civil and Human Rights, The Bishop Gallery, and Soho20 Gallery. In 2013 she was awarded the VSA Excellence in Artistry award by the Smithsonian and the Kennedy Center. As an enthusiastic member of Living Melody collective, and collaborator with the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities, she focuses on civic engagement, awareness, advocacy, and community impact, so that vulnerable populations can achieve progress in the face of a shrinking social safety net.

IG: @hayleekitties / http://hayleeanne.com

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