Nostalgia / Nausea

Nostalgia / Nausea


Nostalgia/ Nausea (ink, oil, and acrylic on wood panel) is about cats (a symbol of comfort, love, and yes, anguish, too, for me) and going home. The word "nostalgia" comes from two Greek words combined--"nostos," meaning "return home" (also a frequent theme in Greek poetry where a hero is returning home by sea) and "algos" meaning "pain." I pair the two words (nostalgia and nausea) as the title of this piece to reflect the pairing of the two themes (returning home and pain) in the etymological root of the word “nostalgia.” Leaving home is often associated with the idea of moving forward, going somewhere, growing up, like being a hero. But why do most people long to go back, and what can replace our longing for what is missing now, what is no longer in our reach? What if we can't stop creating the distance and loss while we desperately want to eliminate them? Nauseating, nostalgia, isn't it? Leaving home and returning home, the departure and the arrival, or the beginning and the end--all that we label as the race, the journey, or the quest, are linked together as one. But imagine--all we want at the end is just going home to cuddle with our loves (or cats, though your cat can exactly do the thing that makes you wonder, “why did I want this so bad?”). 

A definite “in-betweener” of a variety of interests and hobbies, Yoon was born and reared in Korea. She holds a Ph.D. in 16th and 17th century English literature, is a DJ and loves records, and also likes to draw and paint. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, a beautiful cat named Reginald, and a new addition to the household, a cat named Spicy. 

Instagram: @suttleandsinewy

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