If You're...

If You're...


by Emma Alley

Each envelope contains a pearl of wisdom to remind its reader of the gift life is. Use them on your own time, or give them to a friend in need. Truth can pluck us out of the darkness and into the light. I hope these do for you.

Emma Alley is an Atlanta-based multidisciplinary artist. Her work explores pleasure, pain, and power as they manifest in our physical bodies, language, and personal narratives. After receiving her BFA in dance from Florida State University, Emma relocated to Atlanta, where she began to evolve her creative practice. Her pieces have been shown at Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery, Mammal Art Gallery, The Skwhirlhaus stage, and 368 Ponce. Emma was a company member with Emily Cargill and Dancers and has performed with Sky Creature Productions and Staibdance. In 2017, she was a resident artist at the Work Room, a rehearsal studio for contemporary dance. Emma seeks to engage her audience in probing, direct, and activating ways. Currently, she is building a work which will be performed at the Windmill Arts Center for their Rosetta series in January.


If you:
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